Business Scope

By the recommendation from various departments of the company, our company has set up  bases in suburb of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guangxi provinces to ensure the success of choosing and management for skills interns to Japan. These bases are qualified to do works with experience accumulated these years, which are listed below.

(1) To identified the authenticity of the documents for applying like household register,    personal information, and the certificate signed by local police station which administers   the person dispatched to show his passing the examination, which prove whether the   person is qualified to go abroad and being trained in Japan.

(2) To slove the accidental problem likes to avoid the matter of breaking the law or staying   illegally with the close cooperation between the local government and our company.

(3) To manage skills interns with human care likes to express greeting and solicitude to the   relatives of interns constantly, which ensure their working contentedly without worries.

1. First test
Before the Japanese side come to test staff, the company will test the applicants in skills, subjects, personality and other necessary items to ensure that the Japanese side can choose the best skills interns. We will identify the personal material of the applicants and investigate their living background and also observe their personalities from the test. The test will put emphasis on the truth of information about applicants and whether they have criminal record, history of mental illness or hereditary disease. We will try our best to make sure that our interns are moral, healthy and hard-working from layers of selecting.

2. Test by the Japanese side
When the Japanese side come to give a test, we will provide the examinee by a certain percentage of qualifiers. We will choose the suitable dispatching area and arrange everything well by what the Japanese side has asked and the content of test.

3. Making material
Skills interns will be asked to have the medical examination after being admitted by the Japanese side. Meanwhile we will visit their family to verify information and go to the police station to check their certificate if it is necessary. Then we will help them make material to apply for their visa with their true experience after checked well.

4. Training
Our company has set up Shanghai Yuzhen Skills Interns Education Center at Zhaotun area of Qingpu district in order to give the interns full-time closed training for 3 months, which includes basic Japanese, the law and rules, the habit of daily life, the custom and some typical examples. The course is about 770 hours time and gives quiz every week. At the same time, the interns will be asked to join the military training every morning in order to improve their disciplined behavior and prepare well for living in Japan, which help them better adapt to the life in Japan and better work in Japanese enterprise.

5. Communication
From September 2005, the company began to found the magazine, Shanghai Yuzhen Skills interns Trend, and sent it to JITCO, the receiving institution in Japan and relatives of interns in order to improve the communication between our company and both the Japanese side and relatives of interns. The internal date was founded to build a communication platform between both sides of Japan and China. The magazine awarded much praise from founded, which improved development of business of the company.

6. Aftercare service
Our company visits family of interns constantly to convey greetings to them for setting up interns�mind at rest. We convey the information to their relatives and inspire them to help manage and educate the interns in Japan. At the same time, the company will dispatch the special representative in Japan to go to solve the accident at the first time with the help of the Japanese side. Leaders of the company go to visit interns in Japan and have a talk with them in order to help them have better communication with the Japanese side, which ensures that they can finish the 3-year-work perfectly with heart and soul.

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