Company Profile

Shanghai Yuzhen Overseas Employment Services Limited obtained the intermediaries operating license for overseas employment from Ministry of Labor and Social Security. PRC on October 2003 and obtained business license from Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce on November at the same year. On July 2005, the company obtained the certification for ISO9002 quality management system from national authorities. In 2006,the company was certified by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce as an honorary enterprise for being honest and complying with contracts, and became the only enterprise for overseas employment in Shanghai area recommended by Ministry of Labor. In 2009, the company under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Labor has been changed to Ministry of Commerce for policy changes. At the same year, the company obtained the operation license from Ministry of Commerce on June 12th and became one of first bach of companies for overseas employment which were licensed to be engaged in overseas labor dispatching. In 2010, the company was approved to join China International Contractors Association for its good reputation and outstanding achievement constantly.

From October 2003, Shanghai Yuzhen Overseas Employment Services Limited began with only one group accepted for skills interns to Japan and then developed to having 10 groups by hard work of all staff. Until the end of 2012, the company had dispatched totally 710 training and skills interns to Japan whose profession include sewing, electron, electric welding, industrial packaging, metal processing, building and so on







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